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Direct Dyes

Direct Dyes manufacturer

Paper Yellow24890Direct Yellow 4CAS 3051-11-4
Crysophenine G24895Direct Yellow 12CAS 2870-32-8
Congo Red22120Direct Red 28CAS 573-58-0
Turquoise Blue74180Direct Blue 86CAS 1330-38-7
Orange TGLL40125Direct Orange 39CAS 1325-54-8
Black E30235Direct Black 38CAS 1937-37-7
Sun Yellow RCH---Direct Yellow 99CAS ---
Red 12B29100Direct Red 31CAS 5001-72-9
Orange SE29150Direct Orange 26CAS 3626-36-6
Brown MR22311Direct Brown 2CAS 2429-82-5
*Please note that the colours on this document are for demonstration purposes only.

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