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Basic Dyes Liquids

Auramine O Liquid41000Basic Yellow 2CAS 2465-27-2
Victoria Blue Liquid44045Basic Blue 26CAS 83803-79-6
Methyl Violet Liquid42535Basic Violet 1CAS 72102-55-7
Malachite Green Liquid42000Basic Green 4CAS 41272-40-6
Bismark Brown Y/G Liquid21000Basic Brown 1CAS 10114-58-6
Bismark Brown R Liquid21010Basic Brown 4CAS 5421-66-9
Crysodine R Liquid11270BASIC ORANGE 1CAS 532-82-1
Crysodine Y Liquid11270BASIC ORANGE 2CAS 532-82-1
Rhodamine B Liquid45170BASIC VIOLET 10CAS 492-80-8
Crystal Violet Liquid42555Basic Violet 3CAS 548-62-9
Ethyl Violet Liquid42600Basic Violet 4CAS 2390-59-2
Diamond Green Liquid42040Basic Green 1CAS 76994-37-1
*Please note that the colours on this document are for demonstration purposes only.

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