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Sulphamic Acid

Sulphamic Acid Specifications:

Product Name Sulphamic Acid
Synonyms Amino Sulphonic Acid,Sulfamic Acid
CAS No 5329-14-6
Formula H3NO3S
Molecular Weight Formula of Sulfamic Acid
Appearance White Crystaline Powder
Purity 99% Min.
Melting Point 205 C
Vapour Density 3.3
Moisture 1 % Max
Lead as Pb 0.0005% Max
Iron as Fe <3.00 PPM
Packing 25 Kgs. Nett; HDPE Bags with Inner PP Liner.
UN NO. 2967
Hazard Class 8
Packing Group III
Applications Descalling Water born & Process Scales in Industrial Equipment and Process.

As Part of Cleaning of Metal, Floor Surface, Household Equipment, Condenser Etc.

As Chlorine Stabilizer in Swimming Pool.

Bleaching Additive in Pulp & Paper Industries.

In Leather Dyeing Process.

During Diazizations in Dyes & Pigments Manufacturing.

Plastic Industries as a curing agent.


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