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Phthalocyanine Alpha Blue74160Pigment Blue 15:0/15:1CAS 492-80-8
Phthalocyanine Beta Blue74160Pigment Blue 15:3CAS 492-80-8
Phthalocyanine Green 774260Pigment Green 7CAS 492-80-8
Lake Red15585:1Pigment Red 53:1CAS 5160-02-1
Benzidine Yellow41000BPigment Yellow 12CAS 6358-85-6
Benzidine Orange21110Pigment Yellow 13CAS 3520-72-7
Rubine Tonner15850:1Pigment Red 57:1CAS 5281-4-9
Maroon Tonner15880Pigment Red 63:1CAS 6417-83-0
Violet Tonner42535Pigment Violet 27CAS 492-80-8
*Please note that the colours on this document are for demonstration purposes only.

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